Love is one splendid thing. You never know when it’s going to hit you and when it does, it’s just the most wonderful thing ever. There are so many songs, plays, movies, books about love, all types of love from the sweep me off my feet ones to the tragic ones. There must be a reason why “falling in love” got its term because anyone who has been in love know that when you are in love, you fall, you fall many times over like you’ve never before. But I’d like to think that one rises in love. When you rise in love, it uplifts you, sustains you, and makes you a better person.

I’ve read that there are two ways to know yourself—one is through love and the other is through meditation. Your partner shows you what you lack and what you don’t. He/she helps you become a better person, a better citizen, and better everything. To meet that one person who knows your insides, your flaws, your ugly side, your dark secrets, your dirty laundry, and still loves you unconditionally, catches your fall, tucks you in at night…how beautiful is that?

Because life ain’t easy, it’s nice to have a partner to go through it with you. Someone you can come home to, cuddle with, watch the wood that burns in the fireplace as you both drift off to sleep. Someone who accepts you just the way you are, no facades, no make up, no nothing, just bared naked truth. You look into his eyes and you see a soul staring back at you with all its vulnerabilities, weaknesses, and flaws. Yet you love this person and would do anything for him like a mother to a child.

Some love fits like a puzzle. It just fits like that one jeans that took you forever to find. Some love feels awkward, it quite doesn’t blend, something’s off and your intuition cries out a red flag but you ignore it. But eventually it wins and you’re back to square one. As love can be magical, it can be as deadly and it’s painful when it ends. Or, when you are cheated on after giving so much to what you thought was the love of your life. The trust that you felt for the other, down the drain and it feels like the end of your life. But you stand back up and let love into your life again. Love is a wonder. It’s a wonder that it can even last between two humans—a species that is unpredictable, ever changing, and craves constant stimulation. So, I ask. Is it possible to have lasting love? Is it reasonable to ask your partner to commit to you till death do us part? Are human beings merely training themselves to be what they are not like dogs domesticated to obey commands? I wonder.

Then I figure it doesn’t really matter whether it lasts or not. Whether the lasting love is possible or not. Whether this guy is the one. What matters most perhaps is that the lover is living in the moment, enjoying their time together now, and making it the best that it can be now. Many partners kill the love by thinking too much about the future, wondering if the guy can give you what you need like if he can support you, if he is from a good family, if he has a good job, good education. And the guy wastes his time making sure she is right age, the right caste, the right this and that. Both lovers waste their time worrying about the pressure from society, parents, the disapproving eyes of the stranger.

Lovers are warned that love is not the only criterion when looking for a partner. Maybe it’s not. Maybe it is. Does it really matter? Isn’t it enough that both lovers have been blessed with this eclipse called love? Because the brutal truth is that nothing ever really lasts. There are no guarantees in life. Nature is a good example and we are part of nature. Even though we want desperately for it to and created a marriage institution to ensure our survival, the raw deal is that life is such that the sun rises and sets, and when it does, one never knows where it will cast its shadows.

So, when you love, love totally.

Let the sun shine on your face, enjoy the drift, the warmth, the splendor, the magic, drink it, savor it. Love like there is no tomorrow. Cherish the other. Appreciate the other. Accept your lover for what he/she is, not what he/she can give you. And, when it ends, accept that too. Bid your lover farewell, wish well, and feel rest assured that love shall knock on your door again.